Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Creating own sugar icon

Learning about SVG (scalable vector graphic), we were told to create our own sugar icon using the same concept as an SVG. An SVG is a picture format which is small in size and uses maths to create its unique property. It's unique property is that when re sized, an SVG does not lose it's picture quality and pixelates.

Using Html kit we learnt about basic x and y co-ordinates of simple shapes, lines and curves and a 55 by 55 grid. We had done a few practices using coordinates to draw in shapes and lines. using what we had learnt it was then time to create our own icon to that we could later use that picture and put it onto the sugar operating system as our icon.

This is my icon i made using a few straight line co-ordinates and many curve/arc co-ordinates ;viewed on opera an internet browser:

After finishing our icon, all we had to do was using terminal activity on sugar to insert the picture as the icon. We could then make it change colour to what ever we wanted and demonstrating that we have done this to our teacher. Below is a screenshot of what my changed icon looks like, a bat looking creature.

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  1. it's great

    can you do another screenshot showing just the bat, larger, without the surrounding icons