Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Part 3 - The Future

What will the UI (user interface) look like when you are 30 years old?

It would take form as an iphone kinda of design with phone and computer functions with added features such as the slide solar panel to make it energy efficient because in 15 years i would imagine the world to be more energy efficient. It would have a multi touch extension which will enable you to do everything such as browse through the web and files just by touch.

The other feature is the slide projector that when activated it would project high definition immerse cave that you coould use to work with also like a touch screen which works by detection hand movements.

Part 2 - User Interface

Complete a variety of labelled screenshots which illustrate the differences between these user interfaces.

Windows (WIMP – windows, icons, menus, pointers – as in MSOffice 2003)

Sugar (Frame replaces menubar, Journal replaces file system hierarchy, Community – didn’t work for us,)

Linux command line (similar to DOS)

Windows ( This new version does away with menus and toolbars and replaces them with new paradigms such as the Ribbon, Contextual Tabs, and Galleries)

The User interface i prefer is windows because i have grown up with windows and i think it is the easiest for me to understand and use while others are difficult to get used to. I also reckon that windows has a more organized look unlike sugar where your icons are everywhere and hidden with journal and such.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Part 1 -Evaluation

During our year 10 control tech class we have done a variety of things for this semester and i blogged about them. Below are the things we have done and links to my blogs for them plus my personal rating that i have given for each section.

Part 1

Guest speaker: Rosemary about Timor Leste Rate : 4/5

Guest speak: Joel about the xo Rate: 4.5765

Physics Rate : 5/5

SVG icon and Linux command line Rate: 4.33/5

Turtle Art Rate: 5/5

Other activity evaluation Rate 3.987/5

Etoys Rate 3.456/5

Scratch Rate 4.68/5

Part 2

Three things that you learnt:
Three things that i have learnt are how to use Sugar Operating System, how to hack Sugar and how to use various activities in Sugar.
Three things that you enjoyed:
Three things i have enjoyed are working with Sugar, Working with turtle art and working on Physics.
Three things that you didn’t like :
Three things i did not enjoy are blogging (XD), Sugar freezing while you're working and Working with the messy "Etoys" activity.

Part 3

State which was the following with reasons:
Working with Sugar Operating System because it was something new for me.
worst: Blogging because it was very time consuming.
most interesting : Exploring new Sugar activities because it was interesting, finding out the activity's unique features
most difficult:
Working with Etoys because it's an unorganized version of scratch

Part 4
Is the X.O or O.L.P.C a good idea for the children of the developing world? State your opinion and give reasons.

Yes, I believe it is because it gives children in developing countries a chance to experience the technology of computers because i can't imagine what i'd do without my computer. I have grown up with computers, so they should have an opportunity to experience this wonderful thing called the "computer/laptop"

Sunday, November 22, 2009

scratch - Calculator simulator (addition)

Our task in Control Tech was to work in pairs and do the same task both on scratch and Etoys. My partner was Mr.Unknown and we had the task of creating a calculator type program that simulates two numbers for addition and we would need to input an answer for that and then it would tell us if our answer was right or wrong.My job was to do this on scratch.

I did this task by creating 4 variables, they were for the 1st number, 2nd number, actual answer and our own answer. I started by making the 1st and 2nd number variables generate random numbers each time i clicked the "new sum" sprite that i created.

I then created an answer sprite and when clicked it would either switch to a costume that said incorrect or correct depend if you were right or wrong. This was made possible by the "If" command; If input number= 1st number + 2nd number "switch to costume 2" which would mean correct and if the incorrect it was exactly the same except i used the "Not" command ( If "Not" input number= 1st number + 2nd number "switch to costume 3". If the answer was wrong the answer variable would show the right answer.

I also made the "New Sum" sprite reset everything by using broadcast. So when clicked it would broadcast "reset" and then i used the command "When i receive :reset" then set number variables to random, answer and input answer variable to 0 and "answer" sprite back to costume 1 which read answer.

I did not find this task difficult at all because scratch is an easy to use program with its simple layout and lego-like scripts.

My "answer" sprite script
Before answer check:

Click this link for the Etoys version of this; By Mr.Uknown :

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sugar - Colours activity

Our class has been trying some new games.

Activity – Colours
Personal rating – 3.95/5

Colours, is an activity similar to paint except the drawings you made are able to be played back to you so that you can see how you've drawn something.

The positives of this activity are that it allows a user to see their progression after they've drawn a picture. It is a fun program for people who enjoy drawing as this activity has a play back feature that no other common drawing programs, such as Photoshop and Paint would have.

The negatives of this activity are that there are not as much drawing tools as the other drawing programs and the brush options to change colour and change its opacity were hard to find.

In my opinion I thought it was an interesting game, simply because of its play-back feature and I have also had experience with drawing with a mouse at home.

This is a good activity for practicing your art skills because it allows you to see your errors. It is also good to help you explore when using a new activity because most the features are pretty hidden.

I would recommend this programs to all ages and for all art lovers.
My drawing i did:

The screen you work on :
Half way finished while at playback mode:

Final product :