Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sugar - Colours activity

Our class has been trying some new games.

Activity – Colours
Personal rating – 3.95/5

Colours, is an activity similar to paint except the drawings you made are able to be played back to you so that you can see how you've drawn something.

The positives of this activity are that it allows a user to see their progression after they've drawn a picture. It is a fun program for people who enjoy drawing as this activity has a play back feature that no other common drawing programs, such as Photoshop and Paint would have.

The negatives of this activity are that there are not as much drawing tools as the other drawing programs and the brush options to change colour and change its opacity were hard to find.

In my opinion I thought it was an interesting game, simply because of its play-back feature and I have also had experience with drawing with a mouse at home.

This is a good activity for practicing your art skills because it allows you to see your errors. It is also good to help you explore when using a new activity because most the features are pretty hidden.

I would recommend this programs to all ages and for all art lovers.
My drawing i did:

The screen you work on :
Half way finished while at playback mode:

Final product :


  1. Great drawing and description

  2. Nice drawing? Have you tried the collaboration feature of Colors? Two people can work on the same drawing.

  3. i like your rating for this colours activity. very precise. you pay attention to detail. i like that. i like that a lot. (y)