Monday, November 23, 2009

Part 1 -Evaluation

During our year 10 control tech class we have done a variety of things for this semester and i blogged about them. Below are the things we have done and links to my blogs for them plus my personal rating that i have given for each section.

Part 1

Guest speaker: Rosemary about Timor Leste Rate : 4/5

Guest speak: Joel about the xo Rate: 4.5765

Physics Rate : 5/5

SVG icon and Linux command line Rate: 4.33/5

Turtle Art Rate: 5/5

Other activity evaluation Rate 3.987/5

Etoys Rate 3.456/5

Scratch Rate 4.68/5

Part 2

Three things that you learnt:
Three things that i have learnt are how to use Sugar Operating System, how to hack Sugar and how to use various activities in Sugar.
Three things that you enjoyed:
Three things i have enjoyed are working with Sugar, Working with turtle art and working on Physics.
Three things that you didn’t like :
Three things i did not enjoy are blogging (XD), Sugar freezing while you're working and Working with the messy "Etoys" activity.

Part 3

State which was the following with reasons:
Working with Sugar Operating System because it was something new for me.
worst: Blogging because it was very time consuming.
most interesting : Exploring new Sugar activities because it was interesting, finding out the activity's unique features
most difficult:
Working with Etoys because it's an unorganized version of scratch

Part 4
Is the X.O or O.L.P.C a good idea for the children of the developing world? State your opinion and give reasons.

Yes, I believe it is because it gives children in developing countries a chance to experience the technology of computers because i can't imagine what i'd do without my computer. I have grown up with computers, so they should have an opportunity to experience this wonderful thing called the "computer/laptop"

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